Tax-Calculator Policy#

Tax-Calculator Policy


class taxcalc.policy.Policy(gfactors=None, only_reading_defaults=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Policy is a subclass of the abstract Parameters class, and therefore, inherits its methods (none of which are shown here).

Constructor for the federal tax policy class.


gfactors (GrowFactors class instance) – containing price inflation rates and wage growth rates


ValueError: – if gfactors is not a GrowFactors class instance or None.


class instance

Return type:


implement_reform(reform, print_warnings=True, raise_errors=True)[source]#

Implement reform using Tax-Calculator syled reforms/adjustments. Users may also use the adjust method with ParamTools styled reforms.

static parameter_list()[source]#

Returns list of parameter names in the policy_current_law.json file.

static read_json_reform(obj)[source]#

Return a reform dictionary suitable for use with implement_reform method generated from the specified JSON object, which can be None or a string containing a local filename, a URL beginning with ‘http’ pointing to a valid JSON file hosted online, or a valid JSON text.


Initialize taxcalc indexing data.