Source code for taxcalc.consumption

Tax-Calculator Consumption class.
# pycodestyle
# pylint --disable=locally-disabled

import os
from taxcalc.parameters import Parameters
from taxcalc.policy import Policy
from taxcalc.records import Records

[docs] class Consumption(Parameters): """ Consumption is a subclass of the abstract Parameters class, and therefore, inherits its methods (none of which are shown here). Constructor for Consumption class. Parameters ---------- none Returns ------- class instance: Consumption """ JSON_START_YEAR = Policy.JSON_START_YEAR DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS = Policy.DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS DEFAULTS_FILE_NAME = 'consumption.json' DEFAULTS_FILE_PATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)) def __init__(self): super().__init__() self.initialize(Consumption.JSON_START_YEAR, Consumption.DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS)
[docs] @staticmethod def read_json_update(obj): """ Return a revision dictionary suitable for use with update_consumption method derived from the specified JSON object, which can be None or a string containing a local filename, a URL beginning with 'http' pointing to a valid JSON file hosted online, or a valid JSON text. """ return Parameters._read_json_revision(obj, 'consumption')
[docs] def update_consumption(self, revision, print_warnings=True, raise_errors=True): """ Update consumption default values using specified revision dictionary. See Parameters._update for argument documentation and details about the expected structure of the revision dictionary. """ self._update(revision, print_warnings, raise_errors)
RESPONSE_VARS = set(['e17500', 'e18400', 'e19800', 'e20400']) BENEFIT_VARS = set(['housing', 'snap', 'tanf', 'vet', 'wic', 'mcare', 'mcaid', 'other'])
[docs] def has_response(self): """ Return true if any MPC parameters are positive for current_year or if any BEN value parameters are less than one for current_year; return false if all MPC parameters are zero and all BEN value parameters are one """ for var in Consumption.RESPONSE_VARS: if getattr(self, 'MPC_{}'.format(var)) > 0.0: return True for var in Consumption.BENEFIT_VARS: if getattr(self, 'BEN_{}_value'.format(var)) < 1.0: return True return False
[docs] def response(self, records, income_change): """ Changes consumption-related records variables given income_change and the current values of the MPC consumption parameters """ if not isinstance(records, Records): raise ValueError('records is not a Records object') for var in Consumption.RESPONSE_VARS: records_var = getattr(records, var) mpc_var = getattr(self, 'MPC_{}'.format(var)) records_var[:] += mpc_var * income_change
[docs] def benval_params(self): """ Returns list of BEN_*_value parameter values """ return [getattr(self, 'BEN_{}_value'.format(var)) for var in Consumption.BENEFIT_VARS]