Tax-Calculator GrowFactors#

Tax-Calculator GrowFactors


class taxcalc.growfactors.GrowFactors(growfactors_filename=None)[source]#

Constructor for the GrowFactors class.


growfactors_filename (None or string) – string is path to the CSV file in which grow factors reside; default value of None uses file containing puf/cps grow factors.


ValueError: – if growfactors_filename is neither None or a string. if growfactors_filename string points to a non-existent file.


class instance

Return type:



Typical usage is “gfactor = GrowFactors()”, which produces an object containing baseline growth factors in the GrowFactors.FILE_NAME file, which is for use with puf and cps data from the taxdata repository.

factor_value(name, year)[source]#

Return value of factor with specified name for specified year.

price_inflation_rates(firstyear, lastyear)[source]#

Return list of price inflation rates rounded to four decimal digits.

update(name, year, diff)[source]#

Add to self.gfdf (for name and year) the specified diff amount.

wage_growth_rates(firstyear, lastyear)[source]#

Return list of wage growth rates rounded to four decimal digits.